March 2021

Consumer Rights and Delivery Promises


We are all consumers of goods and services in one way or another.  Bought toilet paper in that lockdown rush?  Your morning coffee from the local?  Legal or accounting services?  You are a consumer and you have rights!

You might have heard of the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act, two key pieces of legislation governing consumer rights in New Zealand. 

An important consumer protection highlighted in the media recently is that suppliers of goods and services must not make delivery promises they can’t keep.  They can’t mislead you about when you should expect to receive your purchase. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on supply chains. Factories have been shut down, production halted and international trade has been affected.  However, a global pandemic does not change our consumer laws.

The Commerce Commission recently warned one of New Zealand’s largest retailers for selling products it did not have in stock.  Traders must have reasonable grounds to say they can supply goods within any timeframe they give, or otherwise within a reasonable period of time.  If they don’t, you can demand a refund and they can be liable for significant penalties.

Have you purchased something which was meant to be back in stock, or delivered to you, weeks or months ago? Were promises were made about the timeframe for delivery which weren’t reasonable?

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