Why Choose Us?

We are large enough to service your legal needs at every turn, but small enough to know you.  Corcoran French is your legal firm for life.


We’re big enough that we have our finger on the pulse of legal policies and regulations. At the same time, we are small enough to stay accessible, provide a single point of contact, and share information among colleagues for your benefit.

Corcoran French is a progressive law firm committed to: 

  • Building strong relationships with our clients
  • Understanding your needs
  • Giving cost-effective solutions and peace of mind
  • Finding solutions to your legal problems 

We believe that people matter and we highly value integrity and professionalism. At Corcoran French, we care about maintaining a competent and cohesive team that will work with you to guarantee the best possible outcome.

 As part of NZ LAW we can access the knowledge and skills of more than 60 other firms throughout the country.