MAY 2020

Out With the Old and In With the New


We understand many of you have had no other option but to change your 2020 plans.  Weddings have been postponed, travel plans cancelled and most people are reviewing their finances.  At Corcoran French we are focusing on what we can do rather than what we can’t do, aiming to help all our clients through this difficult time.

As mentioned many engaged couples have had to postpone their special day creating logistical and emotional headaches.  There is one task that can be completed while waiting for your special day.  Many people are unaware that marriage revokes Wills.  We are able to draft a Will in contemplation of marriage that will ensure your Will is valid after your ceremony.   This is one task you can complete and remove from your wedding checklist.

Travel plans may have been thrown out the window however property investment opportunities have presented themselves.  If you are considering purchasing your first home or an investment property please speak with us and your mortgage broker or bank manager.  You may have not located your property at this point in time however you can get ahead of the game by completing identification requirements with us and obtaining pre-approval from your lender.  This may allow you to make a more favourable offer than other purchasers you are competing against.

Finally, during alert levels three and four we received many enquiries regarding refinancing.  If you are considering refinancing your personal or commercial lending once again please contact your mortgage broker or bank manager but also get in touch with us.  Often refinancing requires security releases and registrations which solicitors complete.

So please ignore the Facebook memes suggesting 2020 should be cancelled.  There are always alternative options and new opportunities in this era of change.  If you have any queries please feel free to touch base with the Corcoran French team.