February 2021

Communication changes


As an alert client, you may have noticed a recent change.

For many years, we have used www.corcoranfrench.co.nz  as our web site address, with corresponding email addresses. 

To simplify typing the web address and email addresses, we are changing the corcoranfrench part to cflaw.  It’s shorter, and there is less chance of getting it wrong.

Our new web site address is www.cflaw.co.nz and our general email address is info@cflaw.co.nz, with individual addresses being the individual’s first name @cflaw.co.nz.

Don’t worry though – any email sent to our previous addresses will still get through.  For example, both mark@corcoranfrench.co.nz and mark@cflaw.co.nz will get to Mark.

We’re still Corcoran French – no change there – we’re just using a shorter address. 

We have also recently started publicising direct phone numbers more, so you may not always recognise the phone number that you see.  The office lines of 03 379 4660 (Christchurch) and 03 327 8159 (Kaiapoi) continue to work, but you also now have the ability to phone one of our team direct.  It’s a matter of giving you choices in how you communicate with us.