February 2021

Corcoran French joins forces with Greymouth law firm Hannan & Seddon


Corcoran French’s Managing Partner, Rachael Robertson, is pleased to announce that Corcoran French has acquired and will be amalgamating with its present practice the Greymouth law firm of Hannan & Seddon.  This change takes place from 1 April this year.  There are existing strong ties between the two firms, as one of our partners, Martin Bell, was a partner in Hannan & Seddon for 13 years from 1987 to 2000, when he lived on the West Coast. 

This arrangement will secure the future availability of legal services in Greymouth and the wider West Coast, together with continued employment for Hannan & Seddon staff.

Hannan & Seddon will continue to trade in Greymouth with the same familiar name, as a division of Corcoran French.

Location and contact details won’t change, nor will the familiar friendly faces of the Hannan & Seddon team. 


This joining of the two firms will provide benefits for clients of both firms.  Clients of Corcoran French will now have the ability to meet a lawyer at an office on the West Coast, while Hannan & Seddon clients will have access to the wider range of specialist expertise in areas not previously available in Greymouth.

All of the partners of Corcoran French will work closely with Hannan & Seddon, alongside Tony and Colin.  In particular Shehan de Silva and Michael Bendall will be regular visitors to the coast and able to meet clients locally, in addition to their current Christchurch and Kaiapoi offices.

Hannan & Seddon is a well-regarded Greymouth law firm which can trace its origins back to 1867 – a little bit longer than Corcoran French.  This combination of the two firms means that Corcoran French, operating now from Christchurch Kaiapoi and Greymouth, will have a team of around 70, with lawyers covering just about every legal need you would have.  In addition, we are part of NZ LAW, an alliance of independent law firms throughout the country.  This provides the added ability to tap into any other specialist needs required as well as the ability to access a friendly law firm in another town or city, when needed.

If you have any questions about how this may affect you, please contact your usual Corcoran French legal advisor.