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Employment law is continually changing. Our expert employment lawyers offer you access to their invaluable advice at all stages of the employment process to ensure your risks are mitigated and your bases are covered. When disputes arise, we are in your corner, ensuring that you understand your rights, obligations and options.

Pre-employment advice and employment contracts


Solid preparation of your employment agreements prevent unnecessary disputes from arising later. We know that Canterbury business owners are aware of the financial strain that personal grievances and other disputes can cause. Let us do the groundwork to minimise the likelihood of this affecting you and your reputation. 

Mediation and arbitration: resolving issues before major disputes arise 

Mediation is a tool used to reach a resolution of a dispute or grievance.  Successful mediation often prevents an employee being dismissed or an employer having a personal grievance filed against them or otherwise pursued. Our employment lawyers have the experience and skill set to mediate towards your desired outcomes and get the results you and your business need from your employees. 

Employment court and employment relations authority


When and if an employment matter escalates to the authority or court, it can be an involved process.  Quite often, disputes of this nature are time-consuming to you as a business owner or manager and you have little attention for anything else. We gather the facts from you and put together a strategy to help you get back to business, rest assured that you are in capable and experienced hands. 

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